Get ready for Web3

The NFT collection for pioneers of the Web3 universe who believe in its revolutionary power to help them reflect their identity in a fun and unique way. Each NFT is stored 100% on the Ethereum blockchain and grants you access to the decentralist community.


Customize your look

Each decentralist has 7 traits (base, neck, head, facial hair/lipstick, earring, glasses, and smoking), customizable with more than 140 hand-made options for you to choose. Each combination is unique and unrepeatable, and there are more than 4.3 million possible ones.

100% stored in the Ethereum blockchain

Each decentralist image is stored in SVG format on the Ethereum blockchain, accessible like the rest of your token metadata. Your decentralist is backed by thousands of Ethereum nodes, being as robust as the entire network itself.

Full on-chain

Most NFT projects, even big ones like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, or Cryptopunks themselves, store graphical assets related to each NFT in centralized/off-chain services.

Most people don't know it, but what they truly own is a token identifier linked to an URL pointing to an off-chain/centralized storage service, like IPFS, Arweave or Amazon S3.

If creators lose access to those services or the providers themselves have a problem beyond the creators' responsibility, you can lose your image. Forever.

Having your decentralist full on-chain means that once it's minted, the entire Ethereum network must collapse for you to lose the image associated with it.

  name: 'Decentralists', 
  description: 'Decentralists is the collection for those...', 
  attributes: Array(8), 
  background_color: '12223B', 
  image: '


Abundantly scarce

Every degen was once a newcomer in the Web3 universe. Decentralists aims to both delight seasoned collectors with an exclusive, 10.000 premium tier made up of apes, vampires and metahumans and welcome newcomers to crypto with up to 990.000 humans free to claim.

Premium: 10.000 apes, vampires and metahumans

  • Aimed at collectors who seek exclusivity, the highest potential return, and exclusive features that can be developed in the future.
  • Up to 10,000 premium decentralists available, divided into 1,000 monkeys, 3,000 vampires, and 6,000 metahumans.
  • The rarity of the attributes will be determined by you, the collectors, and not by a predefined algorithm. There are more than 1.7 million possible combinations, of which only 10,000 will be claimed.
  • Inclusive collection, with 50% of Vampires and Metahumans capped per each sex.
  • You can mint as many as you want per ethereum account.
  • Apes cost 0.25 ETH, vampires 0.15 ETH, and metahumans 0.05 ETH.

Standard: 990.000 humans

  • Free (gas fees only).
  • Up to 990,000 available, being 50% of each gender and with 4 different skin tones to choose from (black, dark, white, and pale).
  • Aimed at newcomers and people who want to mint their first NFT and want it to be high quality, customizable, unique, and with a fair price (free in this case, just gas fees at the moment of minting).
  • Inclusive collection, with 4 skin tones to help as many people feel represented by their decentralists as possible and 50% capped per each sex.
  • The rarity of the attributes will be determined by you, the collectors, and not by a predefined algorithm. There are over 2.5 million possible combinations for a maximum cap of 990,000.
  • You can mint 1 human decentralist per ethereum account, though you can buy more in the secondary market if you want. This way, we can safely onboard as many newcomers to the crypto universe, especially friends asking you all the time about NFTs!


The main topics of the first chapter of our roadmap are identity and community building. We want to gather all of you that believe in the disruptive power of crypto to share knowledge, ideas and build towards a crypto-powered, more decentralized future. The following steps for decentralists are:


Minting available. Visualize and download your decentralists. Get access to the community discord, only for decentralists holders.


Decentralist download customization: change background color, dimensions, and frame shape.


Collection analytics: main stats, rarities and insights about what's the community collecting.


Integration with Punkscape scape builder.

More updates to be announced.

Frequently Asked Questions


Decentralists has been created by three friends that wanted to create a unique and challenging NFT collection, with an addictive random button while having fun doing it.

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